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If your company does not have dedicated marketing personnel that have the ability and resources to develop, implement and measure comprehensive marketing programs that produce results...

Let FoxDot Marketing and Design be your company's strategic marketing partner and see your business grow.

Marketing - Branding - Identity Development
Logo Design - Web Site Development
Graphic Design

Latest News:

We continue to operate the leading BMW Motorcycle Retailing website on the internet, A&S BMW Motorcycles in Roseville CA as well as manage their marketing and advertising activities. It must be working well as they are the number one BMW Motorcycle dealer in the country!

FoxDot is a full-service integrated marketing and design firm specializing in servicing small to medium sized businesses.

The same way you would should never operate your business without the expertise of professional services like an accountant, a banker, or a lawyer, you should not be operating your business without the types of marketing and design services that FoxDot provides. FoxDox is dedicated to being your company's strategic marketing and design partner focused on providing results!

We provide a spectrum of services that start with high-level strategic offerings such as marketing plan development, corporate identity development and branding, and continue to tactical, execution level activities like web site design & production, logo design, and corporate identity package design (business cards, stationary, signage, etc.).

Our goal is to provide a level of creativity and innovation that traditionally has been out of reach of most small & medium business. We look to provide our clients with a constant source of new ideas and thoughts that can be used to encourage growth and make their company more successful.

We strive to be your small business' trusted marketing and design partner that you can depend on.

Simply follow the links above (What:Why:How:Who:Contact:About) to learn more about our capabilities, our methods and processes to see if FoxDot would be right for you.

When you decide that your small business doesn't need to seem quite so small, FoxDot for a free consultation about how we can help you achieve your goals.

FoxDot is headquartered in Rocklin California, which is just East of Sacramento and Roseville.


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